CD 1. Meditation

Features a Powerful 45 minute meditation for clearing, balancing and healing for the Chakras using Sanskrit seed sounds along with new age guitar and synthesizer sounds.

A complete set of instructions guides you through the chakra system 1-7 with colors,

tone and attributes of each chakra for clearing opening and balancing.

Divine Invocation - Invoking or calling forth through the command of
prayful sound ,God, Holy Spirit, Your Spiritual family of guides, teachers,
guardians, Elementals, for the intention of guidance healing, abundance,
healing and blessing others and the Earth.


And a 25 minute Akashic Records guided meditation to engage the inner vision and to connect with past, present and future moments and events along the linear timeline and constant energies present within the soul pattern or signature of an individual, group, location, or events. This can be very helpful in understanding who we are and our true nature. It's also helpful for feeling into future events for navigating our lives in all areas.




Video Clip In The Studio

...And then I saw this within You,

A Light that someone turned on,
The candle would not flicker,

In all this storm going on.


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  1. Description and Benifits of the Akashic Records Seminar
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CD 2. MusicAcoustic music arrangements Based on Healing and Spiritual adventures in life. Sentiments expressed for the Divine and for You. Features the New Single Release:Essence,

1. Super Divine -Calling All that Is Divine To You

2. Divine Blessings to You - A Divine Blessing for You! As you listen
each time Divine Blessings are repeated, you may think of a certain
person or all the people in your life which you intend blessings to.

3 . Om Mani Padme Hum - The Jewel of Consciousness is in the
Lotus of my Heart' , ' I Bow to the Light Within' meaning the
Divine Spark of Life and Love which resides in the human heart.
Close your eyes and direct your focus to a cosmic spark of energy in your
Heart which is a universe unto itself, greater than all things, infinite,
always connected to the 'All that Is' and in respect ,humbly
'Bow to the Light Within' Yourself, Others and All Things .

4 . Love Is All We Have - A song about healing old wounds from childhood
with parents or other family members, and how Dear and Important the presence of Love is. Many times in Life we become blind to the dearness of spending time with family
until they are gone. Take the time to fully Accept, Heal, and Love your Family*

5 . Essence - A ballad about the journey of waking up to the Light and the
True Nature of the Universe. The Spiritual quest for understanding,

©2008 Bill Foss all rights reserved