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"Journey to the Akashic Records"

The Akashic Records contains the energetic imprint of all past present and future events along the event horizon. We are all connected to the Records naturally and can access them by relaxing and learning different techniques and insights described in Bill's classes and books. See events from past lives, insights for your life, future events and how to navigate more clearly & easily in life. Learn to use your intuition to help map out your life and future clearly. You may use the visionary process to create new ideas previously unimagined. The Akashic Records is like the world wide web of the spirit world. You can find any informatioin about any topic. We are all depositing information of thoughts, words and deeds into this 'Sky library' constantly. Now you have the opportunity to see beyond the veil of physical reality into the ethers and access not only your own Soul, but all thoughts, words and actions of all lifetimes, as well as any events in history and possibilities for the future. Deep Healing, Intuitive Visionary Insight and Transformation can happen for you on many levels.

"The Secrets of Spiritual Success" is a clear and concise road map providing an overview of understanding of 1000's of years of spiritual teachings, inquiries, and understandings. This book will help you to connect the dots more quickly in life, while adding to your studies already in motion or providing a great primer source to get started from. Whether you are a mystical student from beyond or like many just looking for answers, this book was created to enliven and enrich your search, practices and studies. This book will turn on the lights for you and keep them on."

Bill Foss is a Visionary Artist & Spiritual Teacher Guided by Spirit through years of studying the higher mind, spiritual paths from around the world,
ancient cultures, healing and the arts. Bill brings through today his knowledge from the Akashic Records as well as insights, applications and explanations of many of the traditional world spiritual studies.
This book is a tool for grasping what every one of us has been searching to understand since the beginnings of our journey:
Who Are We? Why Are We Here? and What's Next?

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