CD Features:

1. "On the Wings of Love"

instrumental meditation

Chris Billotti - Bass and Ebow

Bill Foss- Guitars

2. "Journey to Atlantis"

a Powerful 35 minute guided meditation and journey for healing as we fly to the ancient center of Atlantis and looking into the Soul's Purpose divining information past, present and future for porposes of self study. Accessing the Akasha's light energy library, light energy symbologies for healing and more.....

3. "Shamanic Journey"

This is a powerful and unique blend of Akashic sky based energy and shamanic earth based energy. You can feel a shift and difference between the two journeys as we fly into another time and space where normal dynamics no longer exist. We will meet many earth keepers and most likely some animal and native american guides. As we travel to several ancient South American and Peruvian sites including Machu Pichu.

Once again we will access healing energies through the earth, sky library, and light codes of the Akasha.


Video Clip In The Studio


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On the Wings of Love

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Insert from the CD: An energetic visual tool to be used

for 'scrying' or divining visual information from the void of All that Is. Keep in mind that the system being presented is used first and foremost for the individual's

Soul purpose, Healing and enlightenment. It is well noted that the Akashic Records will present information to you based on your personal level of clarity and the purpose for which you seek guidance. Those of us who are tending towards self realization and enlightenment will have more dynamic results in that there is a quicker self interpretation of the information being presented. This library is available to Everyone. We just have to be willing to do the realaxing exercises to get in. Some of us who have never done any of this will have a direct experience based on that they have no pre-concieved notions about it. And this can be an entry into the exciting journey of what's available to us. Enjoy, Have fun with it, and know that no matter how dramatic the journey or visions, that it is remote and should be noted by the mind, as to allow for continual access. You are protected should you see life altering or plantery situations, So Relax and Have Fun with it, Learn, Develop your Inner Vision and Grow from it.