"Mudras and Mantras of the Masters" Advanced 90 min.

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Tuesday May 13th 6-7:30 pm

May 13th Live Stream Class

May 16th Live Stream Class

"The Healing Power of the Akashic Records " with Bill Foss
120 min. Free Teleconference Friday May 16th 7-9pm
213-416-1560 pin: 432 626 515 join us online: www.anymeeting.com/billfoss1


Hello, Everybody! Please Join Us on this very special Free conference call of Healing the Ocean. Access the healing power of water, the consciousness of water & related material as we access the Akashic Records to Heal the Ocean. We will also access powerful healing energy for everyone on the call, Opening a stream for healing and prosperity to take place. We will invoke the presence of the masters and teachers to be with us. I look forward to seeing you on the call to participate in power healing energy as we stand in the light with Creator and Mother Earth. The call is free Here's a link to donate,Many Blessings
Bill Foss 714-706-0402 bill@billfossworld.com www.billfossworld.com

Thanks for Attending the Quantum Healing and the Akashic Records Conference Call

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Recording of the Call - Grand Invocation, St. German, Christ Light Clearings,

Journey to the Akashic Records. click here, right click to download

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