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Journey to the Akasha
Workshop Seminar - Reading the Akashic Records

The Records, Akashic Library, Hall of Records, Book of Life or Sky Library
are some of the names that have been given to the Etheric Energy Field of the Earth,
Which contains a record of all past, present, future events and all probable or optional
future events along the event horizon. We are all connected to the planet through our energy fields
and have access to information to the level that we can move conflict, fear and stress out of the way
and be able to journey with our full senses to experience events from past lives, insight into the
reasons we have a current set of circumstances, insight for future events, and how to navigate more
clearly and easily through life. We may want to look at historical events for storytelling or artistic
reference. It is helpful to use an advanced balancing, harmonizing and relaxing meditation
to get into the records. Once there, you will learn to go there more easily and quickly. This is a
wonderful multi-dimensional journey.
The Akashic Records is a like the world wide web. You can find any information about any topic.
Many Ancient races, The Atlanteans and before them the Lemurians, used this system in their
everyday lives. The Spiritual Priests, Masters, and Yogis of Egypt, Tibet, and India, and spiritual
groups and individuals of today use this system for many different benefits.
We are all depositing information of thoughts, words and deeds into this 'Sky Library'
constantly. Fewer people have had access to these great banks of knowledge.
Now you have the opportunity to see beyond the veil of physical reality into the ethers
and access not only your own soul but all thoughts , words and actions of all lifetimes,
as well as any events in history and possibilities for the future.


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