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Akashic Records Overview

Class Description

All classes and presentations are supplemented by the new book "The Secrets of Spiritual Success"

The book contains 36 meditation and energy exercises used in the workshops also contains 2 index glossaries of information.

All information in the book is accessed during the class and is beneficial for participants to get a copy of the book.

Eating lighter or less processed foods 1-2 days in advance with plenty of water,
and no alcohol is recommended before and during the day(s) of participation for best results.
Music and Meditation cd's are used during the workshop and are available to you.

Evening Presentation (2 or 3 Hour formats)

This is a stand alone introduction to the Akashic Records or a pre-workshop lecture.
A colorful and descriptive discourse on what is available to you, how to apply the visionary
techniques, and a description into the energy exercises presented during the 1-2 day
workshop. We discuss benefits of opening up the creative and visionary portals of the
higher mind available to you and how to apply this in your life and spiritual practices.
We then prepare with a meditative exercise and you are guided on a journey into the records.
When this presentation is given the night before the workshop, it is of benefit for everyone
taking the next day course, giving the mind,body and spirit time to start processing the
information presented and take it into the dream state. Many interesting reports have been
given the first morning of class.

One Day Event (10 Hours) or Day 2 of 3 Day Workshop
Introduction - a brief announcement from all in attendance about your spiritual path,studies,
why you are here and what you would like to achieve. Journaling is recommended throughout
the day. Morning meditation and invocation Prayer of masters, teachers, and guides.
Opening of the Records. Lecture on the Akashic Records with greater depth and detail given,
historical references, discussion of Ascended Masters, spirit guides, world teachers.
Question & Answer, Benefits of learning to open the intuition and how it can help strengthen and integrate with your path.

Energy Exercises part 1 - techniques taken from Tai Chi and Qi Gong and Reflexology,
to stimulate the energy fields, endocrine system and physical body.
Recognizing Contrast and Releasing Conflict from the mind, body and energy fields.
Affirmations, meditation and energy techniques for releasing stress,fear and angry or painful
memories and thought patterns. Addressing, Healing and Blessing emotional wounds as a
means of self awareness and life-path learning through prayer, affirmations and meditation.
Welcoming in Joy and Pro-active Peace. Discussion and Question & Answer.

Energy Exercises part 2 - techniques taken from Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Pranayam,
Mantras and other studies, cross reference of benefits, for use. Discussion Q/A
Stepping into Enlightenment - Lecture and open discussion about life path, spiritual studies,
A discourse on avatars, bodhisattvas, world teachers, references for how to recognize
moments of self-realization and an enlightened state of mind, and how to prolong this state
of mind, being aware of balance and moderation as you expand.
Energy Exercises part 3 - Advanced breathing, toning and visual techniques in preparation
for your Journey into the Akashic Records.

Journey to the Akasha #1 - Guided meditation journey into the akashic field. A vortex is
created and held for you to experience a calm and peaceful entrance into your higher mind
and soul where you can connect with your guides, teachers and guardian angels, and masters.
You will have the opportunity to view past lives, experience healing, get information about
your Soul's purpose, and look at many creative possibilities to help guide you on your path.
Discussion, Question & Answer and journaling.

Journey to the Akasha #2 - Energization and breathing as we open the senses and go even
deeper into the Akashic Records with a different guided journey, and explore as you ask questions
concerning past life experiences and how they have translated into your present state.
Looking into the future at possibilities, and translating symbols, sounds and messages given to you
in the Records. Discussion, Question & Answer and journaling.
Closing Prayer Circle - Open discussion, Grounding techniques, Closing of the Records.

Day 3 (8 Hours)
The 2nd full day goes into greater depth and detail. Energy techniques are strengthened as you
have the opportunity to go into the subtle yet powerful effects of the practices. The 2nd full day
often brings with you adventures from the dream state as well as the possibility to shift into a
more expanded state of being. As you continue focusing and assimilating the information
being presented, you have an opportunity to shift into higher states of conscious awareness,
where greater understandings are available. We again touch on material from Day 2 with Q & A.
Day 3 is really of help and importance to ingrain the techniques and information for the serious
student or seeker. We again power up and journey into the records. By this time you are able to
navigate and gather information more clearly, bringing you clarity for you life and the future.