Keys To Secrets Set

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"The Keys to Spiritual Success Workbook" has 39 + meditation exercises with Q/A in each section and room for extra notes, and drawing. With this workbook you can really dig deep into what your feeling, sensing, and seeing with the meditations. For anyone who has been at a class you know how much information is presented. This is a great way to access and work with the material. 160 pages 8.5 x 11 with b/w illustrations.

"The Keys of Spiritual Success" Workbook is a collection of creative visualization and healing techniques, energy exercises, meditations, prayers. Exercises and insights
to jump start your journey into your own long awaited or continued self inquiry and realization. Use the Workbook to document your subtle and not so subtle experiences as
you open to greater understandings, fresh ideas, and new ways of being!"

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Keys to Secrets Set:

Keys To Secrets Set