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A comprehensive study of the fantastic Akashic Records with definitive descriptions for accessing them. Throughout history little has been known about this ancient mystical system of looking at the Soul's Journey. A Way station for all Souls who have ever come to the earth plane, It is vastly rich and vivid with knowledge if you know how to get there and how to use it. Regarded by many of the Masters as the highest form of psychic or intuitive information. How to access your own 'Book of Life' fullfilling the greatest instruction from First Moment, Creator God: "Know Thyself".The true meaning of this phrase and how it relates to the Records, your physical senses, the 3D physical reality and earth plane. How it's all interwoven together, with streaming probabilities and possabilities along the event horizon. If you want to enhance your Imagination, Intuition, Creative and Healing abilities, consider adding this powerful book of knowledge to your reading collection and study library!

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