Phoeix Rising Vol.1-Acoustic Guitar/Vocals

This CD was recorded on location at the Artery in 1999 and features:
Bill Foss and Jack Duchene playing 6 & 12 string guitars,lap steel, percussion and vocals

Phoenix Rising -A musical CD which explores the raising of consciousness on the planet through
positive messages that inspire self exploration. All songs were based on the self exploration of the artists.
Style ranges from tradition Folk and Rythm & Blues to New Age and Acoustic Classical.






The legend of the Phoenix Rising spans through the cultures of the world with slight
variations such as Egyptian, Chinese, Native American Indians, & ancient tribes of Central and South America. The Bird of Fire symbolizes the cycles of creation in multi-level conscioussness as we burn up and rise again from the ashes, much like the continuing process of birth & death, living and dying, and

the cycles of creation and destruction recognized as change in our surroundings.