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WESAK ,MAY 2007 , VIENNA AUSTRIA click here

Portrait of Babaji #3 24" x 36" on copper with custom frame


Portrait of Pranananda 18" x 24" on copper with gold frame

Displayed at Pranananda's meditation center in CA

Mary of Magdala


Portrait of Christ 12" x 24" on metal with custom frame

Lemurian Master Sananda #2
(Oversoul of Christ)

Living Shroud

Dr.Joshua David Stone

El Morya


Gautama Buddha



Alah Gobi

Palo Vernesse / Paul the Venetion


Serapis Bey

St. Germain

7th Ray Master







  1. Series 24" x 36" painted in acrylics on Copper, Brass, and Aluminum,
  2. for the I Am University, Austria,Europe
  3. THE ASCENED MASTERS have been referred to in many ways through the course of history. Ascended Beings, Avatars, Bodhisatvas. They are teachers, some common people like you & me , some predestined to teach,heal, and balance the likes of humanity. By attaining ascension they have retained their personality and become multi-dimensional beings. Each with similar and unique aspects and gifts which they use to help synthesize those who stand ready to take the next step in our evolution.
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