FINE Trompe l'oeil murals

for fine art lovers with discerning taste

You can: Improve or enhance even create a new design motive in your home
Create the illusion of a larger space
A unique and wonderful element for parties , special occasions, and gatherings.
All murals are original.We can use pictorial references of people, places and objects
to complete the composition of a completely100% original and One-of-a-Kind work of art.
I will provide a completed color sketch or acrylic rendering to scale of the area to be painted
for approval before starting I can even superimpose it onto a digital photo of the area, for another
view of the proposed finished product.
Choose any theme in the world!!! Be creative! Have fun with it. It may simply be a place, a beautiful
location you like somewhere in the world. It could be celebrities, or special people.
It could be a Surreal illusion that tricks the viewers eye into a much larger or deeper perception of depth!
Whether it's a tradition feel, or something that no one has ever imagined before,
This is a great opportunity to change or transform part of your living or working space into an
inspirational area, which can bring greater productivity, or a greater deeper sense of relaxation,
and peace, or adventure. You be the judge! I can offer ideas for different areas
of the home indoor/outdoor , or public or corporate buildings inside and out.
Mural sketch is approved by the client and the final painting is also approved
before we pack up our brushes.
Let me know how I can be of service to you , your business , or your family.

Any questions?? EMAIL us here!

Also feel free to Email digital photos, measurements, or photos about your Mural, click here.



This is an exact reproduction of an old classic Henri Matisse classic.


Marble Columns rendered to match interior paint scheme



Digital photos of the area, surface, location, etc. are helpful.also size dimensions are also a necessity.You are welcome to email us your photos and sizes, so that we can more accurately estimate the cost of artwork.

A Murals is: Custom painted artwork on walls and areas of interest in your home or business. A mural can be a scene that enhances the feel of a room with an outdoor pictorial, for example, or creates an optical illusion, such as something going into or coming out of the wall. Or it may just be simply pattern work around kitchen cabinets,bathrooms, etc. Most often a Mural will create the illusion of a larger space in a smaller space by telling the eye to look past the surface of the wall. So you can imagine what can be accomplished on very large walls, floors and ceilings.

4 ft. x 12 ft Canvas custom built painted and installed to fit area of the Household


4 ' x 10' custom installed canvas