Fantasy, Metaphysical or Nature scenes: Custom Interior Design

Custom 3D Art Installations for Your Home, Office, Lobby, or Meeting Place

Divine Sculptures are available Worldwide.

I am creating the Soul Portraits series, on metals that radiate a subtle field of energy, and many specific colors, shapes, symbols, beings or places, are added around the central theme or figure. Special stones that are embedded around the image create a unique energy field and an over-all genuinely different feel.

The Divine Sculpture series is the next generation of this art form.


A structural space with a painting, sculpture, and fountain as the focal point,

On a background of copper, with the central figure protruding from the copper to give a 3 Dimensional effect. Water will run down the background as a fountain and pour over the figure into a pool at the foot of the sculpture and on the floor. surrounded by geometries, and3 dimensional de core This will include small external fountains special adjustable and programmed lighting candles, aromas from essential oils, and surface fog or mist.
Creating dynamic wall fountains, for a truly unique interior design flavor. Other ideas of use may be sacred alter spaces, healing chambers, for individuals,families in their homes, offices, meeting and gathering places healing and spiritual facilities, indoor or outdoor.
A sound system included to play music and vibrational frequencies
3 dimensional geometries and specific crystals, precious or semi precious stones. White marble and black obsidian tile surround the base, with geometries in stained glass are illuminated from behind by lighting, protected be a clear plexiglass cover and framed with a copper ring. Plants, flowers and vines to each side are optional and inter-changeble. Large crystals can be placed on rotating platforms, lighted from below. The central figure in this drawing, referred to as the mother of the earth, or divine feminine goddess energy is coming through the wall stepping down the copper stairs, as the water runs down the stairs into the base of the fountain. The base is masonry, stone with lighting set into it, and also lighting underwater. This will have very unique effects in the daytime and at night. The lights are on a patterned switching system,which allows for a slow changing of color and positions.

For a consultation or questions regarding an installation please send an email, digital photos are helpful in designing for a new or existing building.
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This is a Prelimenary Sketch

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with special lighting, aromas, structure, to meditate, pray or simply just appreciate. These fountains and chambers will be the perfect unique setting for anyone's home or office.

A Wonderful One-of-A-Kind Interior Design Art Installation.


I will be creating ambient music and a special song to go with each divine sculpture.



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