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"Dream Walker to the Temple of the Soul"

Soul Portrait to support Dr. Diane Polasky's Healing work

Indoors ,low lighting, with flash to show reflecting pearlescents and metal,

Sealed with a protective gloss finish.

Outdoors/dawn at an angle ,no flash to show reflecting pearlescents and metal,

Sealed with a protective gloss finish.

Left view close-up of stone sequence in frame

Indoors ,low lighting,at an angle with flash to show reflecting pearlescents and metal,

Sealed with a protective gloss finish.



  1. Dr. Diane Polasky title: "Dream Walker to the Temple of the Soul"
  2. 24" x 36" painted in acrylics on Copper with hand crafted sequoya frame,and stone inlays © 2007 Bill Foss.
  3. This is a very special Soul Portrait painting, which contains a lot of healing, balancing and clearing energies for my friend Diane who is a multi-faceted
  4. Healer working in several different modalities. A doctor of Chinese Medicine and a Shaman or Medicine Woman, Diane assists many people in clearing
  5. their physical energy system and meridians and with her shamanic work, assists people of all ages with death and dying , their transition to the other side of the veil.
  6. I recieved through meditation the message to create a healing and balancing Soul Portrait for this powerful healer to fortify and assist her in her journey of
  7. helping others. As sketches were started several powerful energy places on the earth were revealed that had been part of previous incarnations.
  8. The moon and it's halo have an energetic focal point for the veiwer to recieve powerful balancing and healing energy.
  9. to the right: The 7 Sister stars of the Pleades have a warm feild of energy actually emitting from the copper.
  10. This is Diane's Soul Origin. The Great Pyramid from another life in the temples of ancient Egypt also symbolizes as a geometry powerful mental
  11. clarity and focus of creativity in the mind field. Stonehenge representing itself as another great and powerful energy source on the earth,
  12. home to ancient Druidic rituals and stargate as well as another incarnation point for this medicine woman. Woodhenge another sacred ritual site
  13. of the Druids, the Druidic priests would stand in formation upon the concentric circular ]formations of wooden stumps and tone with chants. to heal the earth and to manifast.
  14. In the Heart, Thymus , and Throat areas a sacred symbol given during meditation which represent vibrational healing for Diane in the higher realms.
  15. Superimposed over the central ritual center of Atlantis. Another power center of the earth used for sound and vibrational
  16. healing and manifesting. You may contact Dr. Diane Polasky at drp@energymedicinedoctor.com

The Stones:

The stone sequences repesent the ascenpding vertical Earth energy and the desending horizontal cosmic energy which meets and crosses in the human energy centers or chakras along the spinal column.

4 large quartz crystals wrapped and held with copper bands are the energy generators .

Surrounded then by Chrysacolla with Azurite and raw Turquoise

Chrysacolla eases emotional heartache and gives renewed strength and balance

Assists in communication with the spiritual forces of the Earth and produces graet inner strength

Turquoise: A healer for the Spirit, helps to bring piece of mind and protects during astral travel

turquoise aids in positive thinking and oneness

Chinese Turquoise also protects during astral travel used as a protection stone by the shaman of Asia

Black Turmoline: Provides protective shield, deflects negaptive and psychic energies and grounds

Obsidian: Absorbs negative energies, draws out buried fears and aids in transformation

Peridot Heals the Healer, calms and prevents burn out


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