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The series starts in Key of C for the base chakra and then works up the chakra system to the crown of the head.

To the Left you can see a representation of the Chakra centers and the coresponding colors. The Chakra charts are also available, click the the picture to find out more.

Key of C - Base Chakra, tailbone, Red Social interaction, survival, abundance

Key of D - Creatiive Chakra, below the naval,Orange, Creativity, sex, procreation, expression

Key of E - Solar Plexus, Seat of emotions, place of power, color Yellow

Key of F - Heart, Green, Love, Joy, Compassion, Healing

Key of G - Throat, Blue, Wisdom, Sound, spoken word commands creation

Key of A - 3rd Eye (between eyebrows) corresponds with pineal gland, intuition, connection to others, visualizing, creating, color Indigo, (dark blue)

Key of B & D alternating, crown, color violet or rainbow, connection to Creator, Heavens, Guides, and your Soul


  • This is an Etheric Music blend of tones and musical movements created in the studio on guitar and guitar synthesizer.

    This musical collection was created to open, align, balance and heal the Chakras - the seven centers of spiritual energy in the human body along the spinal column according to yoga philosophy.

  • I Hope You Enjoy!
  • © 2011 Bill Foss All rights Reserved

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