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Now Available in All White, Great energy and white really brings out the symbols(chakra color is airbushed behind white symbols)

Now available in Brass! for a beautiful Gold look,Great for Feng Shui and energy flow in your home or office

Quickly and easily hangs and is perfect for indoor/outdoor use, with solid construction. Each charkra plate hooks to the next for mobile or permanent display. Hangs from above and can be mounted against a wall or in the middle of the room. Easy and compact to ship or pack. click images to enlarge

Chakra Chart Size - 12" x 72"

Close-Up of Throat Chakra, 16 lotus petals including the traditional Sanscrit seed syllables which emit vibrations for that chakra.

Placement of Chart facing the front entry of a home

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  1. Torched Copper has natural rainbows with gold chakras

Chakra Healing Charts

Custom Energy Healing Chakra Chart 12" x 72"

wrapped copper or brass© Bill Foss 2010 all rights reserved

    This beautiful hand crafted chakra chart is a wonderful piece of installation art. It is unique in shape and size and will fit in a very narrow space as long as there is at least 7ft of vertical space for it to sit on the floor or hang on the wall. The historical value of this work of art is that it is true to form in utilizing all of the Sanskrit seed symbols for each lotus petal of each chakra. Easily hooks together and hangs in minutes and is simple and sturdy for indoor/outdoor

    installation. Whether traveling to a festival, show, or seminar the chart is perfectly mobile and fits in a 12" x 12" space! The hooks allow for the chakras to move so the whole hanging chart is flexible. It is flexible and will give with the wind gently if mounted outdoors free-hanging, though is heavy enough that it won't be blown around too much by wind.

    This is a great addition to any meditation room, yoga studio, or energy study classroom. For those studying various forms of yoga, the invidual plates of copper can be charged with sound, or meditated upon for very interesting energetic effects such as healing, clearing, balancing, and feng shui purposes. While being constructedeach chakra center has been charged with the main seed sound for that chakra. This artwork, by nature of it's own being will clear surrounding space of unwanted energies, enhance meditations and the focus, study or meditation on any of the chakras, aid in the rising of Kundalini energy, regulate energy flow in the body and healing as well as support you on your spiritual path. Can also be placed under a sleeping area or bed to cancel any effects of negative lay line activity radiating up from the earth. You may feel the energy of the copper and yantrams for each chakra coming through the photos if you are sensitive to energy. Any mantras can be used if you are chanting, praying or meditating using mantras. Here are the seed syllables that were used to initially charge this chart: Lah, Bah, Rah, Yam, Hah, Aha, Aum (each syllable for a chakra, bottom to top) all a's are ah Another would be Om, Na, Ma, Shi(she), Vi, Ah (all a's are ah)
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