Braco Ivica by Bill Foss

    Braco Ivica Original etching and acrylics on copper 24" x 36" ©2013 Bill Foss

  • This painting was presented to Braco upon his visit to Phoenix in February of 2013. The painting is on copper and is charged with the healing energy of this amazing healer. The copper was 'gazed' consistently for several days, before the painting was started. Braco (little brother) was given this name by Ivica, a powerful healer and psychic from their homeland Croatia in Europe. Upon Ivica's passing the young Braco began to step into the shoes of his mentor and even go beyond. His primary ways of healing are through his eyes and his voice. He steps out into a room of an assembled gathering and 'gazes' at them as they gaze back. The powerful healing energy of the Universe and of Creator God flows through the gaze. Many have been instantaneously cured, healed over time, remotely healed, or had many miraculous shifts and changes of their life path and relationships. Braco has not spoken in public for many years creating a charge of energy that comes through his voice. His voice is recorded and played at gatherings and has reported to have an even stronger effect than the gaze. The painting has been gazed for 2 days in Phoenix and will be at the LA event 2013 as well, after being presented to Braco. This painting commemorates the service work and the gift of having this powerful healer and others like him available to us on the planet. For more information about the painting contact here
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Braco 18 x 24" canvas print

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