Mr. Bill Foss , an Internationally renowned visual artist, recording artist, musician, and teacher, has exhibited his artwork and performed concerts across the continental United States as well as Europe
His artistic style, both as an artist and performer, has captured the imagination and hearts of people from all walks of life and all ages.
During the last decade, Bill Foss' art has been prominently displayed at many fine institutions, such as:

The New York Metropolitan Fine Arts Exhibit,
The San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts,
San Francisco City Hall Square
Mt. Shasta , CA International Wesak Festival 2003-2005 Spring Solstice
Marin &
Mendacino Counties, Napa Valley, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, CA

The 4th Annual Oneness Festival in Pasadena,CA 2006
The I Am University in Vienna, Austria 2007,2008 visual arts display and performance
Gallery Steiner , Vienna, Austria 2008-2009
Whole Life Conscious Expo Feb. 2009, 2010 Los Angeles, CA visual arts display, performance and guest speaker.
The Artisan's Market, Scottsdale, AZ,
The Historic Coleman Theatre, Route 66, Miami, OK
The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show 2000-2010

Bill has sold paintings to collectors of his work in:
England, Austria, Netherlands, Japan, Panama, Peru, Australia, Poland, Yugoslavia, Germany, as well as around the US
Private collectors have purchased over 40 paintings in 3 separate series in Austria.

Mr. Foss' art has also been presented at exhibits in:
San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Dallas, Eureka Springs, AR. Sedona, AZ, Prescott, AZ
and has donated works of art to charity including the Oklahoma Food Bank. Phoenix Children's Hospital,
Scottsdale Arabian Horse Association, March of Dimes, and the Coleman Theatre to name a few.

In 2006, Mr. Foss was commissioned by the I Am University in Vienna, Austria to create several custom
fine art works on conventional canvas and sheets of copper to be displayed at the 10th Annual International
Wesak Festival in Vienna, Austria May 5th through May 7th, 2007. Bill Foss performed a concert
during the festival, as well. Attendees of the Weesak at Mt. Shasta California may remember the 8' x 20'
free standing mural painting of ascended masters and teachers from around the world entitled "Save the Planet".
This masterpiece was purchased by the I AM University, and is now on display in Vienna, Austria. Also
available are a ltd edition print of this painting, in Europe.

Number and signed lithographs, posters, prints and T-Shirt reproductions of this series have become best sellers and are currently available throughout the United States and internationally.
Bill Foss enjoys working in the realms of Rock and Roll, Surrealism and Spiritually inspiring art. He has found inspiration through Alex Grey, Salvador Dali and others.
Mr. Foss, when asked about art, had this to say:

"The amazing aspect of art is the unique ability to translate, to the viewer, a personal story that reminds us of the simple joys in life. Art inspires us all to open toward unique levels of creativity...To Inspire the Human Spirit"

An active member of Artlink in metro Phoenix 1995-2004
Mr. Foss is co-founder of the Phoenix Historic Arts Cooperative, otherwise known as "The Artery". After attending the Art Center in Albuquerque New Mexico 1991-93, receiving his B/A degree,Mr. Foss moved to Phoenix where he opened his first working studio. It was within this location he dedicated 15 years to the ongoing rock & roll series he calls
"Between Heaven and the Hard Rock Cafe".
This extraordinary series, featuring icons of Rock and Roll, was inspired by his many years of touring the United States as an accomplished musician.
Numbered and signed lithographs, posters, prints and T-Shirt reproductions of this series have become available throughout the United States and internationally. Other awards include a 2 year scholarship to N.E.O A & M college in high school competition of 500 students from 4 states for live figurative charcoal drawing

In the last two years Bill has also been involved with teaching classes involving meditation and creativity in order to help people open to their deeper levels of creative awareness and how to translate this into their
art forms. And has taught classes and presented in Nashville, Florida, Phoenix, Sedona, Arizona, Seattle, California and Europe.
 Bill Foss enjoys working in the realms of Rock and Roll, Surrealism and Spiritually inspiring art. He has found inspiration through Salvador Dali, Alex Grey and many other painters, musicians and creators.
Ongoing bodies of work include:

The Rock & Roll Series "Between Heaven & the Hard Rock Cafe"
Sacred Places of the Earth
Mandalas of the Universe
Soul Portraits
Divine Sculpture series (metal works)
Spirit of Art

Music CD series, original music: aucoustic and electric guitar with full band ensemble, vocals
with positive inspirational lyrics for devotional and personal growth.
Available: Phoenix Rising, Save the Planet, The Wingmakers,
Meditation CD's for use with spiritual lectures and workshops.
Available: Super Divine 2 cd music/ meditation set, Journey to the Akasha
A new book is being written for a major publishing company which documents and summarizes Bill's
carreer to date, titled 'Essence' Art, Music, and Spirit by Bill Foss
Working most recently with copper, brass and other metals which is a segway into sculptural art.

Each of these hand painted works of art are for sale. Commissioned requests are welcome. EMAIL click here