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Akashic Records Sessions and the Workshop

"The workshop 'Journey to the Akasha' in Vienna, Austria, has been so much more. The journeys were embedded in a sound background of spiritual and metaphysical knowledge, concepts and practice, thus creating a safe and responsible atmosphere for all participants. As a spiritual teacher who walks his talk Bill has been an inspiration for expanding the mind and a trigger for bringing up deep memories.
My heartfelt gratitude!"
"As your translator it has been a true honor, joy and inspiration to work with you. Your focus, dedication and sense of sacred purpose made it easy for me to repeat your words in German. I am looking forward to further events and workshops with you in German-speaking countries.

Margarete Scheipner, Vienna, Austria

Dear Bill,
Thank you so much for coming to the United Kingdom and bringing along your vast wealth of knowledge about the Akashic Records - and so much more. Your profound depth of the subject plus your vast wisdom taken from so many different traditions made for a really amazing experience. I felt we really got value for money by the time the weekend was over. The Akashic Records course, along with all the extra exercises we were taken through, really set me on a path of discovery and filled in a lot of 'blanks' I had been searching for. It really was a quantum consciousness leap of a course!! I am so happy to have crossed paths with you on this journey and hope we have the chance to 'journey' together in the future.
Kind regards,
Michelle Rathore
United Kingdom


I had been to the Lowerworld, many times, but here Bill was leading us the other way, up, going to the edge of space eventually, around where the air runs out.

It was here that Bill paused us. He bade us look around, to look down at our previous lives, and sure enough, right on cue, across North Europe little lites lite up around the map, indiating previous "me's," some of which I could zoom in on, and some of which were obscured to me. I was participating in several lives at once, and also merely viewing them all

Then Bill guided us further. Up ahead was the Akashaic Hall. I don't want to go into the journey; mine was my own. Suffice that Bill knew of, described for us, and allowed us to access, some of the materials found and sections discovered in our time there. Always mindful of our safety, Bill brought us back after time spent exploring our surroundings. Bill took me there, and he will do the same for you, if you let him.

Douglas Fraiser , Akashic Records workshop participant


As a natural energy medicine practitioner I was guided by Spirit that I needed to learn and understand at a deeper level about the Akashic records. I perused several books until I came across Bills book, ' Journey to the Akashic Records" It has been a book that I can greatly recommend for any person starting off in this journey of wanting to access the Akasha. I spent approx. 3-4 weeks working with the material allowing it to process after sessions, sometimes working with a chapter at a time, then allowing 24 hours for material to process and settle for me. as we are all unique, no two people will have the same experience.
the reading is really easily and flows well, and Bill also covers various other topics in the book. I read this book during the holiday season, and upon my return three weeks later, I was immediately allowed to enter the Akashic Records, and provide my clients with some amazing information, and insight of which I had no prior knowledge to. From having a Deity meet us in the Akashic Records, to a father having a conversation with his son, to a great grand parent giving direction to a grand child, to a male and female Spirit guide, communicating about a current relationship, and the future. Then even being exposed to a past life and the karma the person in dealing with, to a client who in this dimension suffers with the liver function due to karma from a past life and a relationship issue with his dad. some very amazing information. So if you have started this journey or would like to start, this book is a great read.

Shawn Hanekom
South Africa

I am a Spiritual and holistic health practioner, and Bill Foss's Journey to the Akasha is easily amongst the best classes in which I have participated. Bill's knowledge of his subject is second to none. Being an artist as well, he is able to truly assist the students in visualizing and really feeling the Akashic experience. His personality is perfectly suited to the work, and his meditations are superb. And in guiding through the Temple, his voice is the perfect focus (which is equally true of his meditation CDs). To anyone interested in both ascending the heights and plumbing the depths of the Akashic Temple, I lack the words to recommend choosing Bill Foss as your guide nearly enough. You will be Happy you did!

Steve S. - NY

"Bill is a truly gifted and creative teacher whose knowledge and keen intention creates a space of calm, allowing one to enter into their very own Akashic vision. This grand storehouse of information engages all of ones senses. His guidance helps you find this living library of your own Book of Life, all the while being safely transported into higher dimensions!'
Justin Simcik - Sedona, AZ

After I have taken the workshop Journey to the Akashic Records and learned the different technics for meditation and clearing inner conflict, I can share that this has been an extra-ordinary experience that without a doubt will serve me as a powerful tool in my spiritual path and to help other people around me. I offer my eternal gratitude for everything shared. I wish you the best in the future!

Lucia Dominquez, Guanajuato, Mexico

Bill Foss is not only an amazing, patient teacher, he is a sacred gatekeeper to the Akashic Records. During his workshop he led us to the Akasha several times.It was an amazing experience, he takes you there and holds the doors open for you to experience the reality of all that you are, it was very powerful.
The memories i have of the experience, and the gifts i received from all that is were very palpable and real to me.
The vast information that he teaches is given in an easy to understand way and you can immediately apply to your life for the better. He tied together for me many pieces of the puzzle and I had some ah-ha moments!
I really enjoyed his workshop and would highly recommend them to all seekers.
I also purchased his cd where he takes you to the Akasha, i would recommend that as well and use it often for further visits and information."
-Liz Cawthon
Mt. Shasta

For those who search for a deeper understanding, this course offers you the wisdom and the love of an experienced master teacher. With sincere intention he guides and helps you. For me it was a step, but a deep step in the expansion of my awareness and an indispensible opportunity to obtain new tools of knowledge, self awareness, and clear understanding of love for all and to share that with others. Also it has been an important opportunity to find fellow travelers on this same path, learning that we are all one and all part of God. Loving thanks,

Concepcion Samano, Guanajuato, Mexico



Healing Testimonials

Today, I’m in a better place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Bill has been an instrumental part of my healing. A mutual friend told me about Bill’s amazing work and I scheduled a session with him as soon as I was able. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I felt that I was being guided to him and to this healing session. I’m so thankful I heeded that divine nudge.

In one session Bill helped me overcome the guilt which had been paralyzing my life. He helped me understand the connection between my emotional pain and my mental and physical ailments. He started me on my journey to physical health and helped me focus in on forgiveness of self and self-love. He facilitated a spiritual healing during my session with him and also provided me with a “toolset” for self healing. He told me that the work we had done during my session would continue the healing process even though my session was over. When I left Bill that day I wasn’t really aware that anything major had happened….I felt much the same as when I had arrived. I continued to do the self healing that Bill recommended and less than 2 weeks later I began to see noticeable results….I experienced improvement in all four of my bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I am so grateful to Bill…he is an amazing and gifted conduit of healing energy and I know to my very core that his help has been instrumental in my healing. I have shared my journey with friends and family, but that isn’t enough because my spiritual compass has been guiding me to share it with you too. God bless and Atma Namaste.

Elsa, Gilbert, AZ