When asked about art, Bill had this to say:

"Art is truly a unique cultural format of expression. Emitting the Essence of Spirit, woven through the fabric of space time reality. Light and color vibrating in harmony, communicated through the mind of the artist out into the world as a creation. Communicated from the heart of the artist, from the childhood, the emotions and life experiences, and the dreams yet undreamed. This is the loudly unspoken vehicle which the world of spirit and the cosmic energy of
God communicates with all of humankind, and enriches our lives for the better."
"Art gives us that moment when we gaze upon it, to forget the daily or constant bustle of life and re-emerge the inner childlike playfulness of the moment. The response of creative energy,
joy and enthusiasm. What will be materialized next? What will emerge through the hands and hearts of our spirits to present and represent the dynamic and divine limitless expressions
woven quietly into space and time through Art."

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