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WESAK ,MAY 2007,2008 / AUSTRIA click here

Arc Angels of the Light of God

Masculine and Feminine aspects of the Arc Angels matching each of the 7 Rays



Micheal and Faith- 1st Ray- Blue:

Protection, Faith and God's will



Jophiel and Christine- 2nd Ray- Yellow:

Wisdom, Enlightened / Illumined / Consistency


Chamuel and Charity - 3rd Ray- Pink / Ruby

Love, Adoration, Gratitude


Gabriel and Hope - 4th Ray / White

Resurection, Puruty and Harmony



Raphael and Mary - 5th Ray / Green

Truth, Healing, Science

Uriel and Aroura- 6th Ray - Purple / Gold

Peace, Minstration, Service

Zadkiel and Amethyst - 7th Ray- Violet

Freedom, Mercy, Transmutation





  2. Series 24" x 36" painted in acrylics on metal for the I Am University, Austria, Europe
  3. THE ARC ANGELS OF THE LIGHT OF GOD have been depicted in many ways throughout the course of history, in paintings and stories of visions and even personal appearances. Each with similar and unique aspects and gifts which they use to help synthesize those
  4. who have chosen and stand ready to take the next step in our evolution. The arcangels
  5. are at work on the other side within the realms where the 'quest for a soul's attention'
  6. is being played out in cascades of light and dark. Within this drama they are gaurdians,
  7. and also play intermediary to many healers on the planet. The arc angels are one group of several in a heirarchy of helpers on the other side which serve as the 'Self protect circuit' between God as source and God in human form.
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