Jesus Christ

Portrait on Copper




"Copper Christ"

    Original Etching and Acrylics on Copper. 24" x 36" ©2012 Bill Foss all reproduction rights reserved.

  • This unique painting of World Teacher Jesus Christ on copper is a one of a kind creation. The copper has been torched so it has a rainbow effent in some areas. Then etched as the face was patterened out. And finally airbrushed and clear-coated. The painting is very durable and will out last a canvas by generations. it is also impervious to climatic changes. This artwork was created as the final touch for the book "The Secrets of Spiritual Success" by Bill Foss. A perfect painting for your Home or Church.
  • Limited Edition 24" x 36" Print hand signed - $330 plus Shipping
Original Painting 24" x 36" with Gold frame - $3,300 plus Shipping
Original Painting-Sold, Commissions are available for another unique personal portrait of the Master

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